Bootlegger Coffee Company was created in 2012 by 3 best friends, Pieter Bloem, De Waal Basson & Antonie Basson. The brand has now grown into multiple businesses all over Cape Town and Johannesburg, and still expanding. Each store has a carefully selected line from an AC/DC song hung on the wall in neon lights. A lot of the brands attitude and charisma comes from this throwback of great music and rhythm. 


We suppose we could go on for ages about how carefully we select each bean, where the little beans grow up (Guatamala, Costa Rica), the time these little guys take to get to SA (about 4 weeks) and the process they go through before they form part of the Bootlegger culture (ok, you get the idea, this could be a long sentence), but we won’t.

Seriously, we only serve coffee made from the best beans we can find. We also roast them in a way nobody else does – and that’s what makes our coffee full of awesome. And that’s all you need to know. (If however, you’re one of those really inquisitive types, feel free to get in touch with the Bootlegger Roastery – our roasting machine whirrs away there all day – I’m sure the roaster would love some company – just don’t expect to be sleeping much for a few hours after visiting.)

Coffee snobs – the blend displays hints of toasted hazelnut, caramel and a subtle touch of dark chocolate. It’s made with perfection, served with love and enjoyed in a glass.


Mmm… we make honest food here. Fresh local produce. Farm fresh eggs. Sounds like a winning recipe to us – and it is. That’s why every bit of our menu, is every bit as good as it reads. From burgers to benedict, ribs to rocket – we’ve hand-picked the best of Cape Town produce on offer to leave you wanting more.
Under Contact us should be the store locations and the following:
All stores offer free wifi.
We do the whole Facebook/Twitter thing, because calling everyone when our new roasts are in, is hurting our dialing finger – so if you want to be in the know fellow, follow.

We’re open to hosting your next shindig, big or small and welcome you to chat to us
– [021 433 2599 | tel:+27214332599] or